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Poly-Version currently has on line 23 glove and/or heat cap machines, as well as 3 four color offset printing presses and 2 automated tabbing machines. We also have 13 additional glove and/or heat cap machines as well as 1 additional 4 color press that could be put on the floor if necessary.

We have partnerships in both China and Mexico that broaden our ability to supply labor intensive products such as providing mixing sticks inside the instruction sheets.

Our manufacturing facility in Jersey City can be a "second source" and produce the same products, thus avoiding the high cost of air freight.

Each glove machine produces approximately 30,000 inserts per 10 hour shift. Each press prints approximately 300,000 – 17" impressions per 12 hour shift.

We typically run a one shift operation, 6 days per week, and capacity can be doubled by adding a second shift.